Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card(11)

Then,the time had come.
“I am looking for the 46th <Kemen-rider card> of the 14 stations edition. If you bring it to me, I will buy it for 100,000 yen.”


Mr. Tsutumi appealed to the viewers.
As people generally cannot understand what 14 stations means, he explained it in detail on the program.


It was Mr. Tsutsumi that classified the Kamen rider cards, and established the classification of the 14 stations and 25 stations.
It was Mr.Tsutsumi that advocated the concept of “lacking cards”; he put forth that the 46th card of 14 stations is missing.
Mr.Tsutsumi found this problem and asked himself why it was missing: “This card is a lucky card…That’s why the 46th is missing, isn’t it?”He tried to drag this card out of the darkness using money amounting to 100,000 yen.


As he predicted, it was a lucky card.
It was the moment when all his hardships were rewarded.


To drag an unseen card onto the stage, and to complete the systematization of the Kamen rider cards….
It was such an event that was occurring on the TV program at that time.