Tetsuya Tsutsumi / kamen rider card (12)

Mr.Tsutsumi says:

“The 41st card has a very cool photograph of the Kamen rider’s upper body, taken from the front.Many children might have wanted to keep this card at hand instead of exchanging it for an album. Therefore, the 41st of 14 stations cards still remain, although very few.


But the 46th’s photo is simple. Children would send it to Calbee (to exchange for an album) without a hesitation, I guess.”


     the 46th,  the 41st


Indeed, I think that the 46th is a little short of energy to attract kids.


However, the influence of the TV program “Kantei-dan” was great.Only one month later, in a different TV program called “Hammer Price”, one of <the 46th of 14stations> was bidden for 1 million yen.