Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (13)

“Twenty years after that, I bought the 46th card of 14stations for 200,000 yen.”

My husband who was with us suddenly interrupted.”

But I immediately sold it for 500,000 yen,” he continued.

“You sold it?!”I cried out loud, unintentionally.
“Well, I thought it’s not necessary for me to have it, because Mr.Tsutsumi had it.”
“Um…”It was a completely correct judgment from the viewpoint of our family budget… but I was slightly ashamed to hear that then, which is a somewhat scary thought on reflection.

However, since that TV program < Kanteidan>, a price of  200,000 yen or  500,000 yen for a single card could be thought as just natural.
Mr.Tsutsumi says:”Generally, the Rider cards are printed on a large sheet of paper and are cut into 110 pieces. It is said that a sheet of paper with the 231st~the 255th card was found un-cut. It is priced at about 1 million yen, I hear.”

“I also heard that there is one sheet of large paper with only lucky cards printed on it. Then, the theory that there exists 2or4 lucky cards per 110 cards, a single sheet of paper, will be disproved.”

“Some cards in the TR-9 edition are not discovered yet, and it is said that KinKees(a famous collector’s shop in Osaka) is looking for it for 900,000yen…I cannot keep up with them,because people now are willing to pay way more.”
It seems that the amount of money that current card enthusiasts cast has become extraordinary and beyond Mr.Tsutsumi’s forecast.