Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (14)

Now, Mr.Tsutsumi recollects.”These years, I have been fighting to raise the value of paper articles.”


The 46th of 14stations in the < Kanteidan >—that was the completion of his systematization, and on the other hand, the beginning of his challenging of the public over the value of the Kamen-Rider cards.


Anyhow,the price of cards was too cheap.
They got lumped together and were sold for a little sum.
Generally, tin toys and die-cast metal toys were expensive before then, but there were no collectors that paid as much for  cards.”My attempt at that time was to give cards a considerable price.”


The thinking that “It’s okay that they are cheap” was out of the question.
When the prices were low, it led to the articles going into oblivion with being known.
It was necessary to put noticeable prices and drag them up onto the front stage.
To improve the value of these ephemeral, sweet cards and to give them their fair rights to go down in history. That was  what Mr.Tsutsumi was trying to do.

“There are people who criticize me for raising the price, but without high prices, the article can’t be recognized as one of value. An article comes out onto center stage by setting a price. It will stay in this world.”
“As for the 46th card of the 14 stations which was never found, it came out into the world solely because there was a  price of 100,000 yen.”

Eventually, the prices rose beyond Mr.Tsutsumi’s expectation.
The value of the 46th card of the 14 stations jumped up to 1 million yen just after that, and its value did not change even  after 20 years either. Also, there are enthusiasts still searching for a rare card every day, willing to pay several hundred  thousand yen for it.
Mr.Tsutsumi thinks.The current enthusiast who is willing to pay  1,500,000 yen for a single Kamen rider card exists because of  the 100,000 yen price tag he first set.

The 46th of 14 stations…Everything began with this piece of card.
A fight over the value of Kamen rider cards.
Setting a value to leave them in the world.
So that the existence of the Rider card will not be buried in history.