Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (15)

My husband told me that he has a fake version of the 46th of 14 stations card in his card album.
His friend copied both sides of the said card in full color and skillfully pasted them on an actual Rider card whose surfaces had been peeled off.
“Call it an <original card>, aha?”
“You fool.”
“I remember that my friend and I used to be excited over a plan to ‘shop-plant’”
“Do you mean shoplifting?”
“No, No! On the contrary, we’ll leave this card at a collestor’s shop secretly.Then, someone who knows this 46th will be really surprised!”
…You utter fool.


To return to the subject, I am going to talk about the card that Mr. Tsutsumi has been valuing for a long time.Indeed, it is very rare, but it’s different from the 46th of 14 stations that has molded history. It is rather related to his personal attachment to the card.That card is an “error card”