Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (16 )

“Error cards” are most often made by misprinting.Some cards have different numbers with the same photograph.Some cards are printed upside down on the front or back side.Some cards have photographs on both sides.Some cards have one side on which nothing is printed.

However, some of the last type, where one side is blank, may be due to a different reason.It is because printing on cards without a coating can easily be erased with an eraser.Mr.Tsutsumi once created such a card carelessly.

“On the Mincho-typeface edition card of HITODENJAH, there was a black stain on the monster’s lap.I tried to erase the stain, but then, the other parts were erased too.”

Later, Kamenrider cards with coarting came out, such a tragedy ended.

Some error cards are man-made articles in this way.
By a kid without ill will, or by a grown-up with ill will.
But the error card for which Mr. Tsutsumi feels attachment  is different from those one.




Both a photograph and a commentary are printed on the one side,and the other side is blank. It’s very rare. Besides,it is said the most rare case that the photo accords with the commentary.
In the photo, six fake Kamen-riders come on , which is very attractive.
Furthermore,this is a luckycard!

Mr.Tsutumi has been keeping this card since his childhood.