Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (17)

Mr.Tsutsumi was a child who loved Kamen rider cards  above all things.


When he was in fifth or six grade, in the days when the cards were just released, he bought a whole box of the Kamen rider snack with two other friends. He might be a slightly fortunate child in this regard.He didn’t know what to do with one cardboard box worth of snacks, and secretly threw them away by a railway track.It was a sheer waste, on reflection. It was snowing incessantly then, he remembers.On one occasion, the shop lady saw him throwing away the snacks and told his mother. So he was prohibited from playing outside for one month.


It is well known that children who took only the cards and got rid of the snacks appeared one after another. It became a social problem in those days.Mr. Tsutsumi was one child who actually did so in real life.