Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (18)

Why was Mr.Tsutsumi so crazy about Kamen-rider cards?
In a preface of his work “Kamen Rider Card”, he touched on the reason.


“Of course the TV program <Kamen rider>itself was charming.
But besides that, it was interesting to collect cards with sequential numbers on them, which had never been seen as articles for children before.
Furthermore, the information of the cards was very attractive.It acted as an advanced notice of the televised program for us.”

“To collect all the cards consecutively is the most interesting, but it was also very difficult.This is because, as the televised program reached its finale, the cards were not issued as much nor later reprinted because the snack maker, following along with the TV production, began to prepare for a transition to the next program “Kamen-rider V3”.
In addition to the charm of the sequential cards, “Different kinds of cards with the same number” were interesting, Mr.Tsutsumi noted.The cards have different compositions, photographs, designs, text, etc. even though they have the same number.

“The more I became enthusiastic for them, the deeper I was hooked onto this profound world,” he wrote in his book.


546 pieces of cards were affected by the tangle and mixture of the producers, the broadcast stations, the snack-maker, and the printing works.A small labyrinth-like universe, different from that of the actual televising, had emerged there.