Tetsuya Tsutsumi / Kamen rider card (19 )

Children who only took the card and threw away the snack appeared one after another, and drew the attention of the public.
Calbee, the snack maker, held off issuing new kinds of cards for two or three months.This happened just before the first editions of the 14 and 25 stations were over and the release of 106th was to be started. In the meantime, the 1st to the 105th cards kept coming out repeatedly.


Mr.Tsutsumi was a 6th grader then.
He had finished gathering all the cards until the 105th long ago.
For the bitter months when new kinds did not appear, Mr.Tsutsumi continued to patiently buy the cards and observed the differences carefully.

When the new kinds of card finally began to be released again, the Kamen rider card market became heated up. A few months later, the 6th grade Mr. Tsutsumi bought cards looking for the 500th numbered cards. The error card was included among them.

Mr.Tsutsumi thinks that it was crucial for him to be a sixth grader then.He was older than most other children who were  hooked onto the Rider cards. He wasn’t so childish that all he could do was to just gather the cards.
His personal nature played a part too. He was endowed with the disposition to pursue a phenomena to its depth.

14stations, 25stations, Mincho-typeface, the Gothic-typeface….All the paths to systematization were already inside of Mr.Tsutsumi in his primary school days. The interest towards error cards was growing as well.Any child might come across an error card if they buy a lot of snacks.However, most of them would throw away such cards in disappointment, considering them queer.

But Mr.Tsutsumi had kept it with him carefully.
Like an entomologist, he intuitively felt the atypical card as a different species , and set a high value on it as a special one.

This card was the starting line for Mr.Tsutsumi.

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