Dai Sasaki (fictitious name)/profile

Dai Sasaki(fictitious name)
/Autographs of the professional baseball player


He is collecting autographs of the Japanese professional baseball player (including alumni), mainly Yomiuri Giants player.
His name, age, job…everything is not open to the public..
All the parts about the concrete method were deleted or revised by his own will so that it should not interfere with his activity.
Although I feel something lacking, I believe that the actual collection will talk eloquently.

Tatsunori Hara

Michihiro Ogasawara

Alex Ramirez

Hayato Sakamoto

Yoshiyuki Kamei

Takahiro Suzuki

Tetsuya Yamaguchi

Marc Kroon

Tetsuya Utsumi

Daisuke Ochi

Lee Seung-Youp

Dai Sasaki(fictitious name)/professional baseball autographs(1)

Masaichi Kaneda joined Kokutetsu-Swallows in 1950. In his 20 years as a player, he had 400 wins, the most victories in the history of Japanese professional baseball.
Pitching appearance: 944, Pitching a complete game: 365, Balls thrown: 5526.2, Strikeout record: 4490. The unprecedented record will never be broken in the future.
In both baseball teams which he belonged to, Kokutetsu-Swallows and Yomiuri-Giants, his uniform number 34 is a permanently retired number.He also was an manager, and founded Meikyukai (:an excellent ball player’s association) and has been called “Emperor of the baseball world”.And he writes almost no autograph.

led by Kaneda (Retired as of 2017) holds baseball games and lessons all over Japan by excellent players who retired from professional baseball. It is part of the lottery contributions to society. They hold lotteries at each venue and some lucky winners get signatures of the players.
Though Mr. Sasaki ran after the < Dream team > everywhere in hopes of winning Kaneda’s signature, he failed in Gunma, failed in Hitachinaka, failed in Osaka and in Hiroshima. Tochigi was no good either.Hopelessness. He waited in the pathway of Kaneda and lowered his head, saying to him.”Please give me your autograph “. 
With reluctance, it was the most stereotypical direct attack.


“Give my autograph to you? I won’t write it.”
The great pitcher well-known for scattering fans with a fan was very brusque that day, too.
“Please! I want your autograph by all means!”
Mr.Sasaki appealed feverishly, but Kaneda looked away and fanned himself briskly.However eagerly Mr.Sasaki appealed, there was no reaction at all. 
Mr.Sasaki thought that it was impossible.
He thought: it is no longer happy if I keep on.Not only for Kaneda. But also for me.
When he gave up and was about to leave, suddenly, Kaneda said, “Hey, hand it to me”.Mr.Sasaki, surprised, held out the card for autographs, and the great pitcher wrote his signature quickly with characters full of energy and returned the card. He was blunt, but it was not an unpleasant feeling.

・・・Oh,  this person is actually very gentle at heart.
Unexpectedly, Mr. Y became full of a happy feeling.
He came to love Kaneda all of a sudden.

OK! I did it! It’s possible, isn’t it?
Kaneda is a good person, isn’t he?
The feeling of accomplishment to have dropped an impregnable fort.

Once a person captures chance, it’s natural for him to carry on a lucky wave. Soon after, Mr.Sasaki won a signed ball of his really really favorite player, Masaichi Kaneda, in < Dream baseball >.

Why two ?