Chiko Takahashi (Apple Box Create) / manga reprint , dojinshi (fanzine)(2)

Mr. Takahashi says.
“I mainly run reprints in the fanzine now, but this is just an extension of common fanzine activity. I began publishing reprints in midstream and this activity has gotten more publicity.”

In 1971, Mr. Takahashi started his career at the well-known fanzine “Kijin-Club”.
(the leader: Eiichi Muraoka).
“Kijin-Club” known widely for “COM” was also where Fumiko Okada debuted and had Katsuhiro Otomo appearing as a guest on it too.

“Some made a debut and others retired, several people and I remained. Then, from a certain time, I began editing for myself, with my own works and others which I invited.”

He said that the course of action was not clear at the beginning. He mainly put parody, but he soon noticed that readers liked the special features of old manga from their reaction.
Mr. Takahashi embarked on reprint in response to the comment from readers, which gradually came to be the life-work for Apple-Box-Create.

“Apple-Pururu..”: the first fanzine Mr. Takahashi edited alone and ran old manga.