Chiko Takahashi(Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint, dojinshi(fanzine)(3)

The preparations for reprint begins several years before.

At first, he looks for originals for a long time.
Then, he contacts the author and asks for their permission to reprint for free, saying that fans are longing to read the work.
He makes 100 copies in offset printing now, taking on the full cost himself.
After printing, he distributes them for around 2000 yen through mail order and in two or three secondhand bookstores.
By the way, according to Mr. Takahashi, the number of 100 copies is the minimum number to call for an order at a printing office at present.
“If it is lower than 100, the printing fee will come too high. If higher than 100, the excess stock is troublesome.”
He doesn’t make a second impression. Because he must make it in units of 100 copies, it’s not easy to make an additional printing.

In the first place, he often cannot contact the author.
Due to old manga, not a few authors are missing.
Some authors have died, and even the deceased families are lost.
Under these circumstances, Mr. Takahashi generally publishes it with the proviso “Please contact me if you know their contacts” or sometimes he gives it up altogether. It depends on the circumstance.
Furthermore, even if he can contact the author, their permission is not given so often.