Chiko Takahashi (Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(4)

Even if he can make contact with the author, permission is not often granted.
Of the power relationships concerning copyrights, among companies, productions, authors and other persons with rights, an independent fanzine not linked with any organization is in the weakest position.

“In particular, I have admiration that is almost like fear to the authors I was fond of as a reader. So I can hardly bring myself to visit them and ask for reprint permission directly. I step back psychologically,” Mr. Takahashi says.

The path to arrive at an author and earn their understanding is far for individuals.
When a fan or a fan club helps him approach an author, it is ideal, he says.
Without a fan’s cooperation, a reprint is often called off or it does not go well after all.

Mr. Takahashi says.
When he contacts an author for reprint, malicious rumors sometimes are spread from fans.
Mr. Takahashi guesses that the fan might think it unpleasant that he approached close to the author for reprint permission.
On occasion, irrelevant people speak ill of him to the author, I hear.

“If a person thinks of me as an obstructive person, he might say anything behind my back. What is more, he writes abuse so that it is not a complete lie by mixing some truth and some speculation. Therefore, it looks quite true. They should have just asked me a question directly.”

When a rumor spread that he profited by reprint without permission, it influenced not only that occasion but also others.
Not a few authors who had given their approval changed their attitude completely.
Though he once got permission, he was forbidden to do so after he reprinted 1-2 works.
On another occasion,one of the authors,who had approved, said that he had no recollection of having given the permission. So Mr. Takahashi couldn’t avoid offering an apology.

“At such times, I feel depressed,” Mr. Takahashi says.

Some people reprints coarsely with no copyright and sells them for high prices on the Internet.
But Mr. Takahashi does not want to do such a thing.

“Doing that, we get nothing but money. Besides, bad reputation spreads. I am such a coward that doing so would make me unhappy. After all, all I want is to have readers say “You have done well” or “very nostalgic.””
All Mr. Takahashi hopes for is the evaluation from readers.