Chiko Takahashi(Apple Box Create)/manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine) (5)

Some manga artists or bereaved families were pleased with Mr. Takahashi’s reprint.
When he asked for permission of the reprint of “Donguri Tengu” by Soji Ushio, the answer was deferred. But after getting involved in the publication trouble with a fan’s company, the plan was met with a hitch.
After ten-odd years and after the author’s death, Mr. Takahashi happened to be acquainted with the author’s son, Mr.Shiro Sagisu(a composer of “Evangelion””Shin Gozilla”). And then, he obtained his cheerful consent as the author’s son said, “It’s a pleasure that you reprint my father’s work.”

“Byakko-Kamen” by Tomohiko Oka was also a nice case in which the author’s son friendly approved.

What will I reprint next? It is pleasant for Mr. Takahashi to think so.
He thinks that his fanzine’s readers are the same generation’s people as him.
When he receives a sympathetic reaction from people who shared the same age with him, he is pleased.
People who live on a pension and have fewer opportunities to buy such a fanzine are the main subscribers of Mr. Takahashi’s reprints.
He has never intended to give up making a fanzine. Because he felt responsible for the readers who were waiting for the release.
Mr. Takahashi says,” When I begin to cause trouble for my friends, or when the readers of the same generation retire and the sales becomes under 50, I may intend to stop it.”