Chiko Takahashi ( Apple Box Create )/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine) (6)

Mr. Shigekazu Imairi is a top collector of Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s works, who has appeared in this blog previously.
He was the chairperson of the Mitsuteru Yokoyama club, and having the author’s strong trust, he would frequently visit the author’s residence.

When Mr. Takahashi went to Mandarake in Nakano, he got to know Mr. Imairi by chance. He said that he is reprinting old manga and that he wants to reprint Yokoyama’s works if possible.
Mr. Imairi’s reaction was quick.
“Then you had better meet Yokoyama Sensei directly.”
Saying so, he contacted the Yokoyama’s house and took Mr. Takahashi.
Mr. Takahashi met the great author there and he was able to get permission to reprint the works where original manuscripts were not left.

Mr. Imairi generously offered Mr. Takahashi materials for reprint from his enormous collections.
Now “Mitsuteru Yokoyama Masterpiece Collections” by Apple-box-Create is appreciated as a complement of the official complete works by Hikari-Production, I hear.
These reprints of Yokoyama’s works bolstered Mr. Takahashi’s making of another one.

“The existence of Mr. Imairi is large beyond description.
I think that I would not have been able to continue reprinting without his help,”
Mr. Takahashi said.

the back cover of “Natsuman-Oh”No.50
the reprints of Yokoyama’s works