Chiko Takahashi ( Apple Box Create)/manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(7)

Actually, is this profitable?

Mr. Takahashi has been rumored to have gained very much by reprinting. Rumors say that he built a house by reprint.
As for making a fanzine, he always places an order with a long familiar printing office and prints 100 copies with offset printing.
As for the size, it is A5. The cover is full color. Both “Natsuman-oh” and “Manga-ichi” have 200-250 pages.

“At first, I distribute them to fans who reserved, and consign two-tenths. But however popular it is, one-tenth remains unsold,” Mr. Takahashi says.
“But if seventy percent of it sells, I do not suffer from a serious cost.”

Seeing the price of the printing office for reference, I groaned.
Is the production cost covered each time?
Otherwise, this is not a matter of whether he gains or not, but whether he suffers running a deficit or not, I said to him.

“But I don’t reprint as a business. I make a living by another means,”
Mr. Takahashi protests earnestly.
Mr. Takahashi runs a secondhand bookstore and sells vintage comics in not only the store but also on the lists.
With the spread of the Internet, the running of a secondhand bookstore is very hard these days, but, these days aside, the times when he was relatively well off were long, Mr. Takahashi said.

At first, he had his creative activity as a manga artist.
“My work… slightly dirty-minded, the name is exactly “the Eros”” Mr. Takahashi laughed.
“In addition, the work about a girl with cat ears “Miiko Metamorphosis”, or works like that, whenever I published 500- 1000 copies, would sell tens of thousands of yen worth.”
All of them became funds for the reprinting.
Mr. Takahashi says,
“I don’t make a living by reprint”.

“Nobody thinks that I continue publishing while bleeding. But this is not a business. It’s a hobby. A hobby is for one’s pleasure. So it’s natural that I suffer a loss.”