Chiko Takahashi (Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(8)

Mr.Takahashi said.
“Nobody thinks that I continue publishing while bleeding. But this is not business. It’s a hobby, a hobby to the end. A hobby is something for my pleasure. So it’s natural that I suffer a loss.”

But who continues bleeding calmly while going into the red, lowering their head and standing weak before the copyright, just because it is a hobby?
Who continues the” hobby” for several decades, saying it’s natural to suffer a loss?

There was a great gap between Mr. Takahashi’s calm attitude and his strenuous act.
But Mr. Takahashi himself did not seem to notice it at all.
It might let people who were apt to see things from a cost-benefit standpoint guess that he would be gaining money after all.

Probably it was something which really fit inside the ” hobby” genre at first. It was fun and interesting, and readers were pleased.
But, I presume that his word “hobby” might have begun to separate from the general meaning through his many years of activity.
Perhaps it has become sharpened as an expression of more positive, more limitative and a more inviolable domain?

Yukio Izumi ”Prince of the sea Tantan”