Chiko Takahashi (Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(10)

“I don’t want to make a commercial magazine.”
Mr. Takahashi firmly asserted.

“A publishing company sometimes does reprints. They publish two or three works, but give it up. Because a company must think of its profit. ”
Mr. Takahashi has seen a lot of publishers that started reprints vigorously but couldn’t maintain the project.
“I notice I don’t see the reprints lately, Then, I find that they have disappeared.”

On the other hand, some publishers do reprints steadily and commercially.
But it is mainly reprints of marketable works in prospect of the number of the purchasing.

Apple-Box-Create has reprinted some famous works, but has published a lot of minor works which may not been published by others without hesitation.
Someone advised Mr. Takahashi to reprint only works that sell well.
But Mr. Takahashi says, “Profitable reprint is suitable for commercial publication”.

“Commercial publishing costs incomparably, too. I reprint just because there are waiting readers even if it doesn’t sell well. I have kept doing projects that only individuals can do.”

But it is difficult for the idea of “the project that only an individual can do” to gain understanding.
“The bereaved family, who I had been approaching for several years, accepted the reprint at the beginning. But as soon as I said the concrete contents, they refused its reprint because it was different from their image. In addition, another bereaved family said that they couldn’t give permission without a royalty.”

“What had they imagined about its reprint?” Mr. Takahashi thinks.
Had they imagined that the work would be published as a major commercial book?
Mr. Takahashi said to them that he understood.
And he swallowed the words that he wanted to say after.
“If this reprint is not published now, this work will not remain. Probably, several decades later, it becomes nothing.”

Anybody will do if a person leaves this work in the world; Mr. Takahashi says.
“Rather, I want to cooperate ”