Chiko Takahashi (Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(11)

I guess it was just the joy of reprinting at first.
Encouraged by readers’ comments that they felt nostalgic, the joy of reprinting was even more
simple and clear.
But after long times, suffering various hardships for the republication, Mr. Takahashi must have been faced with conditions to accomplish continued reprinting over and over again.
Especially the recognition about the limits of all commercial reprint was decisive for him,I presume.

A fanzine, of small circulation, and his intention of reprint may not be understood by a copyright holder even if he asks for permission.
This narrow way which is vague and unstable, and is sometimes exposed to slander is the most reliable way for Mr. Takahashi’s ideals of reprint at present.

And I think, when Mr. Takahashi knew it unconsciously, he might have been dragged into reprinting in its true meaning.
This connoisseur who is familiar with the history of comics knows the value of many obscure works.

Mr. Takahashi says that he can continue because it is a hobby. But it sounds that he doesn’t have the reason to stop and that he must continue because it is a hobby, like a declaration of resolve.