Chiko Takahashi(Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(12)

Please tell me a reprint that you think is important especially.
When I asked so, Mr. Takahashi took out two thick books.

Mitsuo Higashiura
Written by Seiichi Haruna
“Where is a Blue Bird?”

(“Shojo-Club” May 1958 – March 1959)

In 2005, Apple-box-Create reprinted this long girls’ comic in two volumes.
Mr. Takahashi said,
“Mitsuo Higashiura is now unfamiliar to people. The story is ordinary, but
the picture was outstandingly charming in those days.”

Mitsuo Higashiura (1930-2012)
He debuted in 1937 when he was 17 years old. He continued for many years while passing through several changes in his style.His early works are a marine adventure dramas “Sea Wolf” “Coward Whaling Corps” etc.After that, he published the historical dramas “Hayabusa-Zukin” “Soramame-Dohji” in some boys’ monthly magazines.And he also created early girls’ comic like most other male manga artists did, and published serializations in “Shoujo” “Shoujo Club” “Weekly Shoujo Friend”.
In addition, he has works such as “Mumyou Gennojo” (1966) written by Mitsuteru Yokoyama.

“Where is a Blue Bird?” is the story of a girl who grew up in a mean woman’s house who looks for happy life with her real mother.
The girl, Hizuru, who had been reluctantly brought up to be a Maiko in Kyoto knew
that her mother was living in Tokyo.
She went to Tokyo with a ribbon with diamond, a token of the parent-child
relationship, as she was running away.Meanwhile, her mother lived with Hizuru’s younger brother Masami, who had become a child star, but came near to being robbed of their residence by a bad person due to the debt of the uncle of Hizuru. What can save this predicament is only the diamond ribbon which was given to Hizuru who was adopted into another home.But the mother does not know where Hizuru is. On the other hand, Hizuru was robbed of the bag with the ribbon by a boy pickpocket in a train going to Tokyo.