Chiko Takahashi (Apple Box Create)/manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(15)

Mr. Takahashi turns 69 years old this year.
“When I reached my sixties, I thought that I entered the age where I don’t know what will happen from now on.”

“My body may come not to move. How long would I have enough energy to publish this?” Mr. Takahashi wonders.
But he says that there are still 20 or 30 works that he has already finished assembling its
originals as he thought republishing could be possible.
“They may increase. Having done them, and when I think that I have almost nothing to regret—that is when I want to conclude reprinting. When I reach the stage where I am satisfied with it, I hope I settle this.”

“In addition, If I finish my work that is published twice a year, it will be a good conclusion to my fanzine activity.”
The most important work by Mr. Takahashi “Miiko Metamorphosis” appears serially now.
He says that he created the heroine Miiko to appeal to men, but that she has become really pretty over time.
Mr. Takahashi as a manga artist is a born storyteller.
“At the start, there is something that I want to draw, and I proceed to the scene which I want to draw. Once I reach the scene, I can go until the ending without stopping. I can weave the story as I imagine it.”
His knowledge, his experience and his ability, and the human relations and his contribution for others, so to speak, all of him is there.
Making a fanzine is the very meaning to live.

That reminds me, when I asked Mr. Takahashi what kind of tenacity makes him continue like this.
“I need not to say tenacity particularly. This is like air.”
He said in his usual, even tone.
“Unless I breathe it, I will die”

“Manga-ichi”14th. in 2014