Chiko Takahashi(Apple Box Create)/ manga reprint,dojinshi(fanzine)(16)

I don’t know whether it continues today or not, but there formerly existed a meeting for unpublished Japanese literature documents. The members excavated some unknown documents and
reprinted them and distribute it in the circle. When I found out about the reprints by Mr. Takahashi, I remembered the group.
Manga will become something that people who dig up unknown things strenuously will look for after this.

“Though it does not become the topic now, I don’t know what will happen in the times to come. If I continue like this, a small publishing company may someday think of taking it up.” Somebody will use this fanzine as a document sometime, Mr. Takahashi says.

Copyright is something absolutely necessary.
But it is a different large problem to maintain intellectual property as a document in order to maintain the rich harvest of the next age that lies in the active use of the inheritance from former ages.
While some companies monopolizing copyrights often seal information, the fanzines’ world, such as The Material Exhibition, takes this job now.

It took form this time as well. Mr. Takahashi feels relieved.
He has given a form to the will to produce, and he tastes just short-lived relief.
One of these days, he must set the limit. But he intends to stay here a little longer.

Under the banner of “hobby”, how much labor for nothing maintains the world?
Everyone leaves someday. Huge mountains are left behind.