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Makoto Hoshi


Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1964.
A Seeker of Manga and an Animated Cartoon.
From his childhood he was fond of books, manga and animated cartoons.
In 1977, he was exposed to the “animation boom” occurring right before and after the public showing of the movie “Space Battleship Yamato” (Space Blazer), and he indulged in animation even more.
After his days as an editor of various magazines and books, he contributed to many magazines in addition while working for a company. He has continued his lifework since childhood–his research on manga and anime cartoons.
He is friendly with many people concerned with manga and anime. His activities range widely: planning and management of one-person exhibitions and other events, advisor for the composition of DVD or republication of manga, writing on web site, and others.
He wrote and edited “Zusetsu TV Anime Zensho (TV Animated Cartoon Complete Works)” (Hara shobo / under the name of Makoto Misono).Other works include commentaries for “Dream for Children of the World” and “Anime Producer Masaaki Sagisu” (Bunka-sha /cowritten by Osamu Tajima and Masayasu Sagisu.), interviews for “Kazuo Komatsubara; A Book of Animation Pictures” (Tokyu Bunka Agency), manga scenarios for “A Pond Skater’s Song” (Akihiro Kanayama), etc.
In 2018, he published “Densetsu no Anime Creators (The Legendary Animated Cartoon Creators)” Vol. 1, a collection of his serial interviews in “Mandarake ZENBU” from 1999.
He also is continuing his blog “Thanks for Anime”.

In May 2018, “Densetsu no Anime Creators (The Legendary Animated Cartoon Creators)” (Mandarake Publisher) was published. It is a book consisting of serial interviews with anime creators since 1999 in the catalogue “Mandarake ZENBU”.
I will write down some of the creators featured in this book according to the table of contents. The names are a lineup of those creators who have made the backbone of Japanese animation from the pioneering days to its prosperity.Of course, these are only a few people among the interviewees during the 19 years.

Akira Daikuhara/”Hakujaden(The Tale of the White Serpent)””Shohnen Sarutobi Sasuke(A boy Sarutobi Sasuke)””Anju to Zushioumaru””Saiyuki(Alakazam the Great)”key animation.

Nobuhide Morikawa/”Ohgon Bat(Golden Bat)”in-between animation director,”Yokai Ningen Bem”animation supervisor,”Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi(Manga Tales of Old Japan)”key animation,direction

Soji Ushio(Tomio Sagisu)/”Zerosen Hayato””Harris no Kaze(The Whirlwind of Harris)””Donkikko””Chibikko Kaiju Yadamon(Little Monster Yadamon)”production.P-pro president&CEO

Noboru Ishiguro/”Tetsuwan Atom(Astro Boy)”key animation and direction.”Uchu Senkan Yamato”(Space Battleship Yamato)””Chojiku Macross(The Super Dimension Fortress Macross)” “Ginga Eiyu Densetsu(Legend of the Galactic Heroes)”director. “Magazone 23″director,original writer

Shingo Araki/”Kyojin no Hoshi(Star of the Giants)”key animation.”BabelⅡ””Majokko Megu Chan(Little Meg the Witch Girl),”Berusaiyu no Bara(The Rose of Versailles””Saint Seiya” character design,animation supervisor.

Akihiro Kanayama/”Ashita no Joe(Tommorow’s Joe)”Chodenji Macine Voltes V(Super Electromagnetic machine Voltes V)””Tosho Daimos(Fighting General Daimos)” animation supervisor.

HisayukiToriumi/”Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman(Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)””Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro”,director

Takeo Kitahara/”Neo Lupin the Third” character design,chief animation supervisor.

It was quite some time ago when I asked Mr. Hoshi to talk for this blog.At the time, he declined, saying that he isn’t an enthusiastic collector,But he seemed to give in to my tenacious pleas, and he accepted under the condition that I would coordinate it with the publication “Densetsu no anime creators”. But after that, he continued to say that he didn’t stick to things and that he did not know what he should talk about.

Neither collectors nor enthusiasts are restrictive, and they are diverse.Aside from Mr. Hoshi’s inclination to be self-limited, I considered that I would be satisfied with anything that Mr. Hoshi chose to talk about.

Looking back, I think that I persisted so much because I read an article on Mr. Noboru Ishiguro in Mr. Hoshi’s blog “Thanks to Animation”.
Mr. Ishiguro is a well-known director of ” Battleship Yamato.” He boxed and sent a lot of materials on hand to Mr. Hoshi, I read. Furthermore, Mr. Ishiguro continued to encourage Mr. Hoshi, saying that this anime interview would become excellent material in times to come.
“Space Battleship Yamato” created an anime-boom all over Japan and changed the status of anime cartoons fundamentally.Its director selected Mr. Hoshi as the person to entrust his things with, and this impressed me deeply.
I think that was the moment that I wanted Mr. Hoshi to absolutely appear in this blog.

In May 1999, just before Mr. Hoshi started his interviews, he published a book.
“TV Animated Cartoons Complete Works” (under the name of Makoto Misono / Hara Shobo )


Mr. Hoshi wrote as follows in the preface of this book.
” How did “TV animated cartoons” start? Did Japanese TV animated cartoons appear suddenly, completely unrelated to previous animation history? Why did “Yamato” and “Gundam” capture the heart of the youth? Where was the origin of Hayao Miyazaki? What did original video animated cartoons bring to the TV animated cartoons? And why did “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” said to be the largest hit of the 90s, enter the stage ?……. We may be able to get the answers to these questions by looking at history.”

This book commands an aerial view of the 35 years of TV animated cartoon history from the times of TOEI’s long anime works, considered the prehistory of animated cartoons.
All chapters are placed in a broad prospective, including the change of mechanic and the special techniques, writer theories and so on.
This book is a must-read to know the history of animated cartoon.

This ability of broad perspective and synthesizing…. I think that’s Makoto Hoshi’s true worth. On the other hand, Mr. Hoshi’s attention is always turned to individuals who lived in those times. It is Mr. Hoshi’s consistent attitude to constitute the larger history from individual people and things.

This time, Mr. Hoshi brought various things along and showed me according to this blog’s theme.
Someone who knows Mr. Hoshi ordinarily may be appalled at me for have made this expert talk of such basic things, accusing me of being too much of a novice?
But it will be most difficult to find a person who can talk about anime creators’ ability in accordance with thing as clearly as Mr. Hoshi.
I will just leave the words of Mr. Hoshi, who has lived with animated cartoons, to show the readers as is. Please enjoy.