Makoto Hoshi / an anime seeker (2)

“Because I had a good physique when I was small, I attended kendo practice in elementary school.
But, in the first place, I liked manga, and then, I liked anime.
Well, I loved animated cartoons.

I wanted pictures of my favorite anime characters.I wanted a cool picture.
But in the old days, pictures of anime didn’t remain after the broadcast.
I could not imagine that they would remain and not disappear in those days.When I would find one in a magazine by chance, it was different from the picture on screen.
I wonder why I wanted an anime picture so much.
I wanted it very much…
I wanted a picture of an animated cartoon.
Because there was no animated cartoon as printed matter, I took photos of the TV screen.

In those days, the only way we could meet some anime’s pictures were on mini-cards. To tell the truth, a card other than those of special effects films were 1 or even 2 ranks lower for kids.
Just a picture wasn’t worth much.
Therefore, few kids collected pictures of animated cartoon.
I think the company of the mini-cards itself thought so, too.
But I wanted an anime picture.
Mini-cards used the same picture as the film “Getter Robo” or “Gatcaman”and so were valuable for me.
I remember I was very glad to find the same picture.
The way to obtain an anime picture was only by mini-cards in those days.

You ask when I noticed a difference of creators of animated cartoons. It was when I was a 5th or 6th grader of elementary school.
For example, “Tiger Mask.” Its picture was different every time.
In the case of TOEI, pictures were different because the art director changed every time.
At first, I did not understand why pictures changed.
But while I watched the credits on TV each time, I felt I liked pictures by particular people, for example, “I like the picture of Shingo Araki” or “I like one of Kazuo Komatsubara” and others.
And then, I came to write down the names while watching.
I made a note of the creator’s names when I felt it was attractive.
I made a list and planned to watch the rerun for sure and made a schedule.

In an out-of-the-way place of Kyushu, my friends graduated from comics. Only I could not graduate from animated cartoons.
But on the other hand, maybe that’s why I received pure education and received something like a correspondence course through TV.”