Makoto Hoshi / an anime seeker (3)

“When I was a second grader of junior high school, an anime boom occurred.
It was in 1977 when the movie “Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers)” was released.
Many magazines and mook books were published, and special programs featuring voice actors were broadcasted on TV shows.The movement spread to the public.
Anime changed from a child’s hobby to a teenager’s amusement which they paid money for.

I was glad.
Many classmates began to watch anime.
I was glad. Thank Heavens! Now, I can talk about anime openly.
But talking with classmates was not satisfactory.

In those days, there was a manga circle which produced professional manga artists in Kita-kyushu, and there was a base for manga fans.
I was able to get acquainted with elder fans, fans in high school and in university, by chance. There I could say openly that “I liked Araki” or “I liked Kanayama.”
They educated me, telling me to read all the SF blue backs from Hayakawa publishing and others.
After being told to read Ryo Hanmura, I read his novel.After that, watching the re-broadcast, I found out that Hanmura had written the script of “Super Jetter.”
I also read Aritsune Toyoda, and then, I found out that he was the writer of the script of “Astro Boy”.These things gradually connected to one another.
I was very lucky that I had a relationship with such a group to enjoy things lively.

They also told me about Led Zeppelin and I began to listen British Rock.
I always listened to the radio, too. In those days, radio was a necessity for learning about subculture and I collected information steadily.
Moreover, I was awakened to R&B in high school, and I became enthusiastic about music in my school days too.”

The cel which Mr.Hoshi first bought.