When I asked Mr. H to tell me his story, he complained that his name would be revealed in this blog.

“No, you can be anonymous.” I said.

“Some interviews on this blog until now are anonymous.”


Although I got his consent in this way, his acquaintances will see through that this interviewee is Mr. H, if they read the episodes in this blog.

That is because Mr. H’s stories are unforgettable if they are heard once, and because he has numerous acquaintances.

When I express Mr. H’s characteristic in a word, I would say that he is a person who buys things abundantly.

The genre is various. From superalloys to magazines, the fields of his interest are superhumanly wide.


One day, on Yahoo Auction, Mr. H found a thing that he had been looking for and joined the bidding enthusiastically.

There was a tough rival who would not readily give up.

Mr. H got excited and continued increasing his bid in sequence and won it at last at an exorbitant price.

But, before he savored the joy of victory, he heard unfortunate news.

The fact is,the oppnent in the fierce battle was Mr.H’s acquaintance. He continued increasing the price without retreating one step backwards to get the thing for Mr.H and they fought the intense dogfight・・・What a sinking feeling!

“This is called “Mr. H’s one-man auction”,” his acquaintance A testifies.



Mr. H’s heroic episodes where he continues to buy things avidly knows no bounds. Therefore, he has suffered quite a lot of damage from fakes so far.

He bought an original picture of “Tetsujin 28-gou” by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, whose mounting on Japanese paper was hurt and was stuck on a square card again. This was a counterfeit.


Mr. H said,     

“Mr. Tsujinaka, an executive vice president of Mandarake, showed it to the president Furukawa, and said that Mr. Furukawa uttered “Why did he buy a terrible one like this?””

“Hmm, how much was the price?” I asked.

“210, 000.”

“210, 000 yen?!”

I was astonished.

“Then, did you complain to the seller?”

“I did. But I’m the one to blame. The deal was made, so it is no use even if I said.”

I couldn’t accept this and grumbled, but Mr. H was graceful in accepting.


“Some innocent third persons buy and sell fakes, so nothing can be done about it even if I pay a high price. After all, it’s all my fault.”

Is it really like that? I still grumbled.

As a man who has been standing in the battlefield of deals for many years, he was bold.


Mr. H. A brave man who has been searching for his targets for several decades and has engaged in many desperate battles. Numerous sword wounds on his body, romanticism in his soul, a toy in his arm. He longs for things as if he longed for a princess, and he has gone the un-walked road. This is a story of passion.