Mr.H/ Collector (4)

In those days, the late 1980s, the mecca of toy shops was Shimokitazawa. “Nezumi-Kozo” in Takadanobaba moved to Shimokitazawa and changed its name to “Heroes”.“Scharaka-Shokai (Om-Rice)”, “Omocha-Tengoku Nichome-Sanbanchi”, “Natsukashi-Ya” etc.   


After having gone to Billiken-Shokai in Aoyama, Mr. H went to Shimokitazawa and hunted for old plastic models. The first purchase in his memory was V3 for 2000 yen at “Nichohme Sanbanchi”.


Some plastic-models which Mr. H had been familiar with from childhood were Bullmark and Imai. But a certain serialization in “Monthly Hobby Japan” gave  had him a big shock.“Antique Kits Selection” was the popular series by Masahiro Oda in “Monthly Hobby Japan” from1983 to 85.

The January 1984 issue,”Antique Kits Selection” 13th had a special feature on an electric monster by Marusan/Maruzan.

Under the full supervision of Mr. Yuji Nishimura, a famous collector in Fukushima, many vivid electric monsters appeared on the color pages one after another.

The unknown world called Marusan spread out here.

 “What is this? Shock waves passed through me. I had not looked at such a thing. Is there a thing like this?” said Mr.H.

Mr.H was possessed by the great problem called “Marusan electric monster”.But an electric monster was too expensive for a boy to buy even in those days.

“Go search yourself, and they will come out”. It was Billiken Shokai that advised him so, Mr.H recollected.Following this advice, he began to go around local toy stores thoroughly.