Mr.H/ Collector (2)

Mr. H was born as the eldest son into a down-to-earth family in 1967. The family had not a trace of an enthusiast’s feel, but he tended to be attracted to the world of the cheap candy shop by nature. In 1972, this little child was faced with a great problem in his life for the first time.


1972 was a terrible year.

The first great problem came.At the end of the previous year, the Kamen Rider cards were released.The year that was the opening of the cheap candy store war for children, Mr. H was regretfully just 5 years old.  The world was ruled by the rule of the jungle.Elder children bought the cards steadily.Mr. H, a young child, bought bit by bit.


A great problem happened again.


In 1974, the first Superalloy “Mazinger Z” was released.


Kamen Rider cards, Superalloys, Popinica. The situation was beyond a little 5-year-old child’s capacity.


Here, his grandmother showed power. She was indulgent toward her grandson and bought an expensive superalloy if he begged her.

Mr. H triumphantly displayed a toy, which she bought him, on a shelf.

“My father found it and was angry, asking why I had such a thing. Then my grandmother started to hesitate in buying.”


The same situation occurred with Kamen Rider cards. Mr. H begged his grandmother and at last bought a long-cherished Kamen Rider V3 card box but was discovered by his father as usual.

“When I had the cards in a bundle, my father found it and was angry.”  

He threw grandma into the fight and was scolded by his father. Although a child, he had a mountainous pile of problems. Mr. H’s problematic life started here.