Mr.H/ Collector(3)

Mr. H, who already had great problems in preschool, grew up to be an elementary school child who dropped by three toy stores on his way home.


When he found something big, he threw his grandma into the picture.

His grandma was generous with this grandchild as ever, but she became fed up with the repeated releases of superalloys. “She finally got angry when ROBOKON was released,” recalls this bad grandson.


In 1980, when Mr. H was a second grader in junior high school, a Gundam-boom swept across Japan.

As was usual, Mr. H also fell prey to this boom.

He bought “How to build Gundam” (Hobby Japan) and exerted himself in making Gun-pla every day.

With this as a trigger, he subscribed to “Monthly Hobby Japan” and was attracted by the charm of old plastic models.

A pla-model shop keeper who was Mr. H’s acquaintance taught him that old pla-models were on sale at Billiken firm in Aoyama.

Mr. H began going to Aoyama. It was when he was a third grader in high school.