He collected information by an old phone-book and searched around shops. A local toy store, a stationary shop, a wholesale dealer. When he entered technical school and got a motorcycle license, his field of activities spread out remarkably.

Even if he found a notable shop, it took him 1-2 months to enter the shop and be shown the storage. Mr. H brought liquor or a box of cake or cosmetics for the shopkeeper’s wife.


“It is naive to think that you can enter inside from the beginning,” said Mr.H.

This present strategy that he thought was a bit cunning himself was actually disliked by some shopkeepers, he said. But others were pleased.

In the late 80s, people had not yet realized fully the value of an old toy.But some hunters had already started their activities, and their name cards were left there before Mr. H went.Once he could enter, he paid frequent visits to the shop. In the warehouse, old things which had been driven to a nook were packed together with daily articles and jumbles.Mr.H looked carefully in order not to damage them. Besides, he helped shopkeepers with the cleaning of their warehouses.

 “I must be careful not to be hated by a shopkeeper. If he hates me, the next person cannot enter. If a former person does an unpleasant thing, nobody can enter anymore.”  

 The electric monster which he was looking for did not readily come out. But sometimes he found a brilliant thing and had the shopkeeper sell it to him cheaply. This was owing to the relationships between Mr.H and the shopkeeper that he had built carefully, rather than the lack of knowledge of the shopkeeper,I suppose.Mr. H was a sensitive person to the feelings of others by nature.

He sold those things in Shimokitazawa and made capital and continued looking for plastic models again.