In the early 90s, Mr.H got acquainted with a plastic model shopkeeper in Wonder-Festival. Mr.H’s problematic life accelerated at this time.   

When he visited the plamo-shop in Higashi-jujo, he found that many old magazines formed a line at the storefront in a row.

Dating back to the 60s, the covers of prewar and postwar magazines, the cover of Gekko-Kamen etc.

Mr.H looked at them and was excited.

“What are these magazines? I have not seen anything like this. Is there such a world?”

 After a long absence, a grand shock came.

 In fact, he was about to lose his passion for plastic models.

Mr. H looked at an old magazine with keen interest and started hunting for “Shonen” “Bokura” and an older one, “Shonen Club”

He developed from there and crept into the world of Kashihon (books for lending)…. “Kitaro-Yawa” “Yohki-Den”

In the early 90’s, it was the time when Mandarake began to publish the first catalogues. He went around shops selling old magazines attentively.