“There is a young man who brings a lot of real finds.”

Saying so, familiar shopkeepers began to introduce Mr.H to other collectors, which spread his routes to get things.


He brought a tin toy to “Heroes”, a toy shop in Shimokitazawa, and got an electric monster “Pegira” of Marusan in exchange for it.

It was around the early 90s.

Pegira was 180,000 yen then.

An electric Buusuka was 60000 yen at “Natsukashi-Ya.”


Mr. H traveled with his friends and drove along the seashore.

While looking outside, he moved his eyes restlessly, searching for a shop.

If he found a toy store, he entered there and kept on watching the things for hours.

He was not satisfied until he had seen everything once he entered.


Mr. H says, “I wouldn’t go to watch a woman in a bathing suit.”

His friends went to hit on women. Mr. H alone hunted for plastic models absorbedly.

His friends said that he was crazy, and they would leave Mr.H.

All his friends left Mr.H, saying to him, “You are not healthy. We couldn’t enjoy going on trips with you.”

Mr. H was in the flower of his youth, but he did not care for a woman in a bathing suit nor colored leaves nor a hot spring. He kept scavenging for things even without returning to the hotel.