Mr. H said:

“In general, people buy a thing that they had bought in their childhood or which they couldn’t buy then. But I buy things which I hadn’t bought in my childhood.”

Many collectors start from the starvation that was not satisfied in their childhood.

They get stuck in collecting because their treasures were discarded by their parents or they were not able to buy it in those days.


Mazinger Z and Kamen Rider goods should have been enough to fulfill Mr. H’s wants.

Kamen-Rider and superalloys were his dream toys in his childhood.

But it was not them that shocked him from the bottom of his heart.


He sees others’ collection and thinks:

“What is this? I wonder how this person manages to gather things like this.”

 “What on earth is this? I can’t understand it, but it looks nice. Then, I become crazy. I can’t stop myself.”


He did not follow nostalgia but longed for an unknown thing. When he was caught up in the surprise of discovery, he couldn’t control himself anymore.


“I make friends at an event and go their home and see their various collections. This person collected so many things, it’s great to collect extremely, I think. I begin to want it when I see that a person has a rare thing.  I begin to want it when I see other’s collections.”


The storekeeper of Higashijujo had wide interests in things and was also a collector of American comics.

He displayed many comics of Batman, Superman, and even the picture books of Disney. Mr. H learned English conversation and flew to San Francisco.

While he looked for American comics, he picked up a Batman figure in a toy store over there, and brought the captain cyborg series of “Idial”, and so, he got deeper and deeper in this craze.