Mr.H made his debut in the season of the Bubble at the end of the 80s. While he was looking for plamodels earnestly without taking notice of women in bathing suits, the Japanese economy entered a recession. Just at that time, he obtained the first electric monster, Pegira.

The period from Mr. H’s debut to Pegira coincides with the time when the Japanese economy greatly swelled and burst.

In the meanwhile, Mr.H ran from shop to shop fiercely and established his method of obtaining things.


In 1994, TV “Nandemo-Kantei-Dan” started.Articles which had seemed to be just a toy were priced at an unexpected high price, and people’s interest in old toys increased.

In 1996, the reproduction of Micro-Man was released. In 1997, “Superalloy Soul” was released. Many people went around shops and searched for a lucky find, and even local toy shopkeepers opened their eyes.

In various magazines, the asset value of toys were featured flourishingly.In August 1996,” The Appraisal Catalog of Monster/Hero Toy”was published.(Uchusen extra issue,Asahi Sonorama)(In 1998,a revised and enlarged sdition was published)

In 1998, “Ultimate plastic model perfection” was published (Mari Chimatsuri) (Byakuya-Shobo).

The business world of sub-culture, said to be recession-free, had become the place for speculation.


Mr. H kept moving.

Mr. H’s movement was not synchronized with that of society. Though I try to trace his steps chronologically, his desire for a thing causes a chain reaction and spreads and branches off innumerably.

Problems occur like big and small eruptions at the same time in different places every moment, and the situation comes into confusion.

Mr. H undertook even the problem of others.

If he heard a person in the east wanted an International Exposition goods, he bought it. If he heard a person in the west wanted a card, he bought it.

I do not know anymore what his target is and what isn’t.

 Mr. A, his acquaintance, testifies:

“Mr. H is my evolution form. I buy only things I need, but Mr.H buys even the things he does not need.”

However, truly, what is a thing you need? And what is a thing not needed?

He understands the value of articles too much. There is too much he could not throw away nor could overlook the value of.   

What is important is that all exist for an article.

What should he do to obtain the thing which he wants with a thin purse? In his perseverance and flair and energy to solve a great problem, Mr. H was exceptional.

He learned the genre at a terrible speed and went to meet a collector. He bought things with his knowledge and effort and sold them to cover the purchase of a new target.

Therefore, the range that Mr. H understands extends to a surprising field.

In that way, he piles up his collection and destroys it and piles it up and destroys it again, and he advances towards a new mountain while rolling.



In 2004, the 65th issue of “Figure Oh” featured the small toys sold with candy.

Mr.H purchased this and perused it.


The world of a toy candies and complimentary toys had already been a great problem for him.


Mr. H has many books on it.


Bessatsu Taiyo “Kodomo no Showa-shi (The History of Children in the Showa period)”

Masao Ohta “Koukoku Character Ningyo Kan (The Hall of Advertisement Character Dolls)” (1995 Tsukama library)

“The Okashi” (1996 Fuso-sha)

“The Juice Dai-Zukan” (1997 Fuso-sha)

Kiyoshi Iriyama “Okashina-Dagashiya-San (Funny Cheap Candy Shop)” (1998 Kyoto Shoin Arts Collection)

“20th Century Garakuta-Zukan (The Picture Book of Junk in the 20th century)”

(1998 Parco Shuppan)

“Gurico no Omake-kataroku(Prize Catalogue of Grico)”(2003 Yaesu shuppan)


While turning the pages, he pointed to a frog, an elephant and a rabbit character of drugstores and said, “I have this, I have this too, and this too.”

He bought “Denkyu-kun” of “National” for 200,000 yen.

He bought “King gasera” for 250,000 yen at Quant.

Cisco was another great problem. They have Kitaro and Ultraman.

Kitaro-Box which they can be exchanged for 300 points, two first half-year models and second half-year models.

And the doll of “Conte 55”.

When he gets into it once, he goes and buys dozens of kinds of them.

“When I completed five Densukes, I was pleased.”

Mr. H looks back on those days.



Mr. O has often experienced misfortune.

A daily, trivial trouble is not a misfortune. It is not misfortune even to fall for an expensive imitation.

But his treasure was submerged twice.The river beside his house overflowed, and the first time, original pictures were damaged. The file of storyboards of Ram and Shinobu (URUSEI-YATSURA) got covered by the water completely.

The second time, cels were damaged. 

The Cel of Fujiko(Lupin Ⅲ), which he had bought in Mandarale for 200,000 yen became drenched.


He suffered from a fire, too.

” In the past,I was absorbed in old electrical appliances.A fire started from the TV-radio.”

At that time, around one-third of his treasure burned.

A hand puppet of ” Yokai-Ningen-Bem” which Mr. H had bought for 50,000 yen after much pleading melted.

Both Mazinger Z and a machine gun for display which he had got in exchange was burnt.


Mr. H has, unfortunately, had his treasures stolen too.

A friend who had called himself Mr. H’s pupil stole his treasure and sold it.

Another person took them by knocking down the wall of Mr. H’s warehouse.


He experienced breakups too.

In fact, Mr. H is rather popular with women.

But this is not a misfortune, I think.

Which is more important,me or a toy?”

She piched a terrible fast ball at him,and Mr.H answered”TOY” immediately.

Both were to blame.



“I want this one, I want that one, I had been saying to many persons. But what should I do if the article comes out when I have no money? Would I buy it by borrowing money through cashing? Although my brakes are broken year-round…Do I really want it? “


Mr. H says as if asking himself.


“My trip is a true trip now. I soak in hot springs and taste the food.

I don’t have many great shocks now.”

” Both monsters and Yokai are expensive. They have rose in price. Can I keep doing this in the future?  It leads to ruin. But you can’t abandon it. You will buy something.”


When he looked at someone’s collection, he came to want it.

When he saw someone doing it, he came to want it.


“I go crazy. I do not understand myself.”

His desire spread like wildfire and burned himself out.


Mr. H says that he is cutting several hundred branches of prolonged interest right now.

I asked him what genres would stay with him.

Mr. H says, “As for candy toys and notebooks, I don’t get tired”.

Though he has been collecting them for more than 20 years, things which he has not yet seen come out again and again.


Several years ago. he called Mandarake and disposed of a lot of paper articles like original pictures.

But although he once emptied one whole room, the room is now filled with things again. Mr. H said so with some despair.



The article that Mr. H brought was one called Gomira, which was a mascot of “Tokyo Slim”, the Tokyo water department’s campaign.

“I don’t know why, but I feel good when I look at this,”

 Mr. H says in a tone that I cannot describe in words other than heartily.

I took a lot of photos of Gomira from many angles.

Gomira looks like a gnome who has a strong curiosity. This is the face which will rush absorbedly to its target thing.