In 2004, the 65th issue of “Figure Oh” featured the small toys sold with candy.

Mr.H purchased this and perused it.


The world of a toy candies and complimentary toys had already been a great problem for him.


Mr. H has many books on it.


Bessatsu Taiyo “Kodomo no Showa-shi (The History of Children in the Showa period)”

Masao Ohta “Koukoku Character Ningyo Kan (The Hall of Advertisement Character Dolls)” (1995 Tsukama library)

“The Okashi” (1996 Fuso-sha)

“The Juice Dai-Zukan” (1997 Fuso-sha)

Kiyoshi Iriyama “Okashina-Dagashiya-San (Funny Cheap Candy Shop)” (1998 Kyoto Shoin Arts Collection)

“20th Century Garakuta-Zukan (The Picture Book of Junk in the 20th century)”

(1998 Parco Shuppan)

“Gurico no Omake-kataroku(Prize Catalogue of Grico)”(2003 Yaesu shuppan)


While turning the pages, he pointed to a frog, an elephant and a rabbit character of drugstores and said, “I have this, I have this too, and this too.”

He bought “Denkyu-kun” of “National” for 200,000 yen.

He bought “King gasera” for 250,000 yen at Quant.

Cisco was another great problem. They have Kitaro and Ultraman.

Kitaro-Box which they can be exchanged for 300 points, two first half-year models and second half-year models.

And the doll of “Conte 55”.

When he gets into it once, he goes and buys dozens of kinds of them.

“When I completed five Densukes, I was pleased.”

Mr. H looks back on those days.