Mr. O has often experienced misfortune.

A daily, trivial trouble is not a misfortune. It is not misfortune even to fall for an expensive imitation.

But his treasure was submerged twice.The river beside his house overflowed, and the first time, original pictures were damaged. The file of storyboards of Ram and Shinobu (URUSEI-YATSURA) got covered by the water completely.

The second time, cels were damaged. 

The Cel of Fujiko(Lupin Ⅲ), which he had bought in Mandarale for 200,000 yen became drenched.


He suffered from a fire, too.

” In the past,I was absorbed in old electrical appliances.A fire started from the TV-radio.”

At that time, around one-third of his treasure burned.

A hand puppet of ” Yokai-Ningen-Bem” which Mr. H had bought for 50,000 yen after much pleading melted.

Both Mazinger Z and a machine gun for display which he had got in exchange was burnt.


Mr. H has, unfortunately, had his treasures stolen too.

A friend who had called himself Mr. H’s pupil stole his treasure and sold it.

Another person took them by knocking down the wall of Mr. H’s warehouse.


He experienced breakups too.

In fact, Mr. H is rather popular with women.

But this is not a misfortune, I think.

Which is more important,me or a toy?”

She piched a terrible fast ball at him,and Mr.H answered”TOY” immediately.

Both were to blame.