“I want this one, I want that one, I had been saying to many persons. But what should I do if the article comes out when I have no money? Would I buy it by borrowing money through cashing? Although my brakes are broken year-round…Do I really want it? “


Mr. H says as if asking himself.


“My trip is a true trip now. I soak in hot springs and taste the food.

I don’t have many great shocks now.”

” Both monsters and Yokai are expensive. They have rose in price. Can I keep doing this in the future?  It leads to ruin. But you can’t abandon it. You will buy something.”


When he looked at someone’s collection, he came to want it.

When he saw someone doing it, he came to want it.


“I go crazy. I do not understand myself.”

His desire spread like wildfire and burned himself out.


Mr. H says that he is cutting several hundred branches of prolonged interest right now.

I asked him what genres would stay with him.

Mr. H says, “As for candy toys and notebooks, I don’t get tired”.

Though he has been collecting them for more than 20 years, things which he has not yet seen come out again and again.


Several years ago. he called Mandarake and disposed of a lot of paper articles like original pictures.

But although he once emptied one whole room, the room is now filled with things again. Mr. H said so with some despair.