When I hear Mr. H’s story, I notice that the space containing the things, rather than the things themselves, are in the center of his image.He is excited when he sees the space where things are collected together by a certain theme. A life closely surrounded by things. Mr. H envies that and wants to have such a life.Every room that displays a large quantity of things becomes an independent world. They are always brilliant.


The magazine “POPEYE” had a great influence on Japanese city boys by introducing the lifestyle of the American West Coast.

It is said that “POPEYE” spread “the catalogue culture” of displaying things as if they were arranged on a catalogue.Its editors had a newfound certainty that arranging things would become news, and things would become a trend. 

Mr. H, who is far from a city boy, sometimes read “POPEYE”. From around 1997, an interior special feature was made regularly, and various people’s rooms appeared.Some rooms were filled with hobby articles. Mr. H has been traveling all the time from such a room to another room.


“I met various people through articles. I met a great person whom I cannot normally know. In this world of things, both great people and other people are in the same place.”


Mr. H saw someone’s space and fell into a certain genre. And when he faced true difficulty in finding it, he encountered the next shock wave.

A desire rolled in and out and approached again.

“The pulse beats.” Mr. H compares it to a pulse.

He has been living with this pulse beating fast.


The Heisei period that began with the burst of the bubble is about to finish. The economic slump and the uneasiness of tomorrow has changed people’s concerns towards things substantially, I think.

We can no longer talk about neither toys nor original pictures without words of its property value.

Though Mr. H has been in an active relationship in buying and selling, his way of life has always been slightly solitary.

He does not let society’s movement influence him, which is evidently what an enthusiast is like.I breathe in a fragrance called admiration through Mr. H deeply.


It is bright to have a thing. It is endless to pursue a thing.A person surrounded by things is one who owns a world. A life with pulses of joy is a life worth living.