“You are strange. You collect this and that. Besides, you buy only expensive things.”

Someone said so to Mr. H.

Mr. H wants the best thing in a genre, if he is going to collect at all.

Therefore he always aimed for the best one .


“But while collecting, I find that a really great thing would not readily come out. Besides it’s very expensive.”


When collectors reach a certain point, they enter the period of waiting still.

It was hard for Mr. H, active by nature.

While waiting, he gradually got tired.

But at that time, the next shock wave approached.  He left some best ones and parted with his previous articles for the next ones.


The shock wave comes suddenly.

“I want, I want” begins suddenly, and before he knows, he would have about 80 skeleton key holder charms from cheap candy stores.

When Mr. H sees other people’s collections, he always longed for the unknown world.


Mr.H got shocked with monsters. He is from the generation of the second monster boom, but the first boom felt more novel to him. Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra-Seven (1966 – 1968). …When he looked at its’ illustrated books, he felt shivery.


He got a shock with an old notebook, too.

He saw “the can-character-collection” in magazine “Figure Oh” (NO.6), and he got another intense shock too.

As for the reproduction of the superalloy “Superalloy Soul”, he made a reservation and bought it for a while, but he gradually got bored. At times, he was collecting Spider-Man, Batman, Cola bottles and so on temporarily.