Chiko Takahashi (Apple-Box-Create)/ profile

Chiko Takahashi

In 1949, he was born in Ninohe-City in Iwate Prefecture.
After graduating from Daito-Bunka-University, he entered “New Design Center “in Shimbashi,Tokyo.
He was mainly in charge of picture conte of TV.
In 1971, he was invited by Eiichi Murano with who he had become acquainted with during college days to join a dojinshi circle “Kijin-Club”
(dojinshi: publication aimed at a hobby, or a fanzine)
He released “Miiko-Metamorphosis””The Adventure of Kotono””Super NYANNYAN”etc.
After leaving the company and working as a freelancer, he opened the secondhand comics shop “Natsuman-King” (the present name “Seiwado”) in Shinkoiwa, Tokyo.
He presides over a dojinshi circle “Apple-BOX-Create”.
He has published “Shonen-Natsuman-Oh””Manga-Ichi”, reprints of many old comics, and so.

Mr. Takahashi says
“During my dojinshi activity, Osamu Tezuka died. Hibari Misora and Yujiro Ishihara died.
The economic bubble burst, and the Showa era was over. I retired from the work of picture conte, opened a secondhand bookstore, and 30 years have passed…”

“New Miiko-Metamorphosis”

Shigekazu Imairi / Profile

Shigekazu Imairi


In 1953, he was born in Kyoto.
He entered Mandarake in 1984, after Hitachi-sikki-kougu-company etc..
In 1986, he started Mitsuteru-Yokoyama-club with Mr.Kenichi Eguchi, Mr.Yoshinobu Horii, and they published the private magazine “Ochs”. From his enormous collections, he provided the materials for many publictions, including ” Bessatsu Taiyo / Mitsuteru Yokoyama Manga Taizen” (1998).
He has also made an effort for reprinting. He has greatly contributed to the spread of the works of Yokoyama and has laid foundation of references for researches.
In 2014, he published the memorial book for Mitsuteru Yokoyama birth 80th anniversary “My Forevermore” (edited by Mr.Keisuke Yui) . At present he holds the gathering as a central figure of Yokoyama fans and continues standing by many fan’s activities.

Mitsuteru Yokoyama

A Japanese manga artist.(1934 – 2004)
“Tetsujin 28-go”,”Kagemaru of Iga”,”Akakage”,”Babel II”,”Sally the Witch”,”Romance of the Three kingdoms”,”Water Margin”, and many others.
A giants in the field of manga, admired together with Osamu Tezuma, Shotaro Ishinomori.

“Tetsujin 28-go”

 Yokoyama’s first work”Otonashi-no-ken”(Sword without sound)

Ninja manga “Kagemaru of Iga”