Makoto Hoshi / an anime seeker (1)

“What I like you say? Hmm, I like anime.
What title in particular? Too many to name.
I love the gekiga-style of Tatsunoko Production, I love the robot works by TOEI ANIMATION, I love gag anime, and I also love sports anime. So, I can’t really name my taste.

For example, “Hakuja-den” (The Legend of the White Serpent) by TOEI. Although I didn’t live in that time, I’m captivated with the heroine Bai Niang, and am moved by the way it expresses things.
As for “Wanpaku-ohji no Takara-sagashi”(The Little Prince and The Eight-Headed Dragon), that impressive aerial fight, the large snake closing in overwhelmingly…You can’t know the awesomeness without seeing it on a large screen. It excites me, and so I love it.
I love “Dobutsu Takarajima”(Animal Treasure Island) too, and I love “Nagagutsu o haita Neko”(Puss in Boots).The last scene of “Puss in Boots,” where the hero and the heroin go up the stairs with a skull raised high, calling the morning sunlight … It’s so exciting, isn’t it?

Then, when I am asked what my top ten is, I can’t answer right away. That may be because I am not mature yet, because I am still a kid.
But on the contrary, maybe it’s because I have too many favorites that I can ask many creators to talk with me.

These are the originals of the animated cartoon “Aku Daisakusen Srungle”(Hyperspace Great Strategy Srungle).This is the end of a poor soldier of the ally defense force who was beaten by the enemy robot.Here, please flip through.

This is how the smoke of the explosion is expressed.In the 80s, the expression of explosion made rapid progress, but you can’t recognize it in the clip distinctly, can you?
OK, ladies and gentlemen.What happens when this plain picture in pencil becomes a Cel?
See, debris appears and sparks appear, because airbrush is splattered over.

This is entirely different from the original picture, isn’t this?
This is an animation cel’s appeal.Now, there is nothing like this in digital works of the present.
There is not the feel of a material like this.This is a piece of the domestic handicraft industry, which has already been lost.
Good scenes of a good character are not the only nice scenes.I love these materials.
Things like this, which a common enthusiast may throw away, are important for me.”